Meet the leadership

We are a team of experienced Network Marketers who have one common goal of being able to positively impact as many lives together as possible. We have people from all walks of life in different countries all having success in this Company. 

Avinash Nagamah


Avinash is a born leader, he is relatively new to the Network Marketing industry. However, in his 3 years in the industry, he has always at least created a Diamond organisation.

Avinash is a family man, and successful in the traditional business he owns. He leverages this industry to be able to spend more time with his two children so that he can lay the foundations for their future.


Avinash, alongside his brother in law and trusty business partner Darren Matadeen, are the first European Diamonds in iBüümerang.

Darren Matadeen


Darren Matadeen has worked in some of the top companies in the corporate world and even though he was on a six-figure salary, he recognised that he had to something different. He found Network Marketing and using this industry he has been able to fulfil his wife's dream of fostering children. 


Darren is a family man and a serving leader. He has also had the minimum rank of Diamond in his last 3 Network Marketing companies.


Alongside his brother in law and business partner, Avinash Nagamah, together they have impacted a number of lives and help many people realise their full potential in Network Marketing.

David Hunt


David Hunt, formerly a professional Football (Soccer) Player is a winner on and off the pitch. David has had success with captaining teams and winning promotions with different teams.  


David is a family man with two daughters and he was always thinking of what his next step would be after football.

He turned to Network Marketing and has been doing this full time since he hung up his football boots. He knows how to motivate and lead a team. He was a diamond in his previous company and currently an Emerald which he achieved in his first month of joining iBüümerang.


David has many strengths and ultimately teaches people how to come out of their comfort zone and how to work towards growing a successful Network Marketing business.

Alvin Caulleechurn


Alvin Caulleechurn, a former council worker for 19 years left his job in 2017 due to redundancy. After many years of having to reapply for his job and lack of job security, Alvin decided to enter the world of network marketing. 


Alvin went from little success in the industry to achieving 6 figures in 6 months in his previous company - also reaching the leadership rank of Diamond in a very short space of time.


Through the industry, Alvin also met his fiannceé, who he now works closely with; building as a couple. Together they are teaching others how to create residual/passive income streams and changing lives. 


Alvin likes to serve others and lives by the ‘love all, serve all’ ethos. As well as extensively helping people in his network, he also supports a small orphanage in South India - for whom he has been a keen fundraiser for over 10 years. 


Preity Randhawa

Preity Randhawa worked for her local council for a number of years – as well as having numerous other jobs from the age of 16 that she simply did not enjoy. She realised from a young age that she didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 for the rest of her life – she wanted to do something different. Preity learnt about earning a passive and residual income and decided that Network Marketing is the perfect vehicle to do so. She no longer works a 9-5 job and focuses full time on Network Marketing as well as helping and empowering other women with her book that she recently published "Her Dating Secret”. 


Preity’s growth in the network marketing industry has been phenomenal – hitting the rank of ruby within the first month of this business alongside her fiancé Alvin Caulleechurn. Preity has mastered the way of building a business via Social Media and now teaches this to others who want to learn how to truly build a business from home. 


Preity is a caring and compassionate leader that truly wishes to change and positively impact as many lives as she can.

Sanjay Appadoo


Sanjay comes from a traditional business background as a successful restaurant owner. Despite running a good restaurant and catering business, he recognised he wanted more time freedom, so he can spend more time with his wife and kids, which led him to the world of Network Marketing. 


A Diamond and six-figure earner in his previous company, Sanjay has helped many people around him hit ranks and have success.


A patient leader that is always willing to help and teach others how to grow a successful Network Marketing business. 

Sanjay is very well respected within his community and very well liked by everyone that knows him which is why he is able to grow such a successful business.

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